School Logo

Whole school vision and aims

We are currently looking at updating and refreshing our whole school aims and vision. We last looked at this 2 years ago and would like some input from everyone involved with the school to make sure there is a clear and shared ‘core purpose’ for everything we do here at school.

This is our current statement:
At Haselworth Primary School we believe all our children can be successful and we aim to equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need for the world in which they live. Our school is a caring place where all children and adults are valued and respected. We believe that all members of our school should enjoy their learning, and we are committed to providing a safe, stimulating and motivating learning environment.
We encourage and value the pupils to achieve highly in their academic, creative, emotional and social, physical, moral and spiritual development so that they can make a contribution to society in adulthood.
We believe effective partnerships are central to the success of our school and promote the engagement of all parents in their children’s learning. We encourage strong links with the wider community and seek to develop the children’s understanding of their role within it.

This time, we’d like to make it a bit less wordy, and more focused.  

If you have some ideas or would like to be part of a group to help develop the vision and aims of ours school, please let us know by the end of term.

Thank you.