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Monday 25th January

Guided Reading

We are going to do a slightly different activity today. In this extract Charlotte gives instructions on how she eats. I would like you to write down the instructions in a step by step guide. Add pictures to help. Our audience is going to be young spiders who don't know what they need to do to survive. Be specific in your instructions. Try to include some time conjunctions: first, second, then, next, finally.

Guided Reading text

English 25.1.21 video 1

English 25.1.21 Video 2

Maths meeting: to be done before maths lesson

I have attached an example of a question which I run through in the youtube video how to answer. Watch the video and then answer the Maths Meeting questions

Maths meeting video 25.1.21

Maths Meeting video explaining how to complete the questions

Maths meeting questions

Maths meeting answers

Maths warm up

Maths 25.1.21

Mixed Number FractionsAnswers to the warm up on here


Maths questions



For the video of Miss Franklin reading please go to SeeSaw or spend 15 minutes reading your own book