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Tuesday 9th February

Guided reading help

English: L.O: Can I use effective language to describe?

We are going to pretend we are the characters in Wolves in the Walls.

We will start by role playing the events that we went over yesterday. Please record some role play of the book. How would you react to the events that Lucy and her family are put in? What can you see? What can you hear and smell?


We have already discussed what the characters are feeling during these events so now we will need to consider what they can see and how to turn those senses into coherent sentences.

At least one of the paragraphs will need to include: conjunctions, fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases. Challenge: rhetorical questions


Please see the attached WAGOLL for support.


I have attached the events that we will be turning into paragraphs. See if you can improve on each paragraph you write. There are support documents attached- adverbs mat and adjectives examples.



Use these pictures and the work from yesterday to support you in writing paragraphs about the events of the story

Maths meeting

Click the game ‚Äčand select that you want to subtract with two numbers. Then select subtract to 100. See what score you can get, post your results.


PSHE session self esteem GOALS