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School Vision and Values

Vision and Values

At Haselworth Primary School we strive to develop a love of learning in all children. Our values and principles centre on the conviction that schools should have children at the heart and learning at the centre. We strongly believe in an inclusive education system where every child is entitled to high quality teaching and learning. We know that every child is unique so they key to each child’s development is knowing their individual needs and meeting them. Our curriculum fosters critical thinking skills to equip children with an ability to question and think for themselves. Our curriculum is values led, with Philosophy for Children (P4C) at its core. We are teaching the adults of the future to thrive and prosper in a constantly changing world.

This half term, our values are respect and kindness.

At Haselworth School we have twelve school values and these values underpin all that we do at Haselworth. Each is represented by the image of an animal.


These values were chosen in collaboration by staff, governors, young governors and all classes. Each half term, we focus on one value. Children are awarded celebration certificates for showing examples of this value. We also ensure that children get at a thorough understanding of what each value really means through our P4C curriculum.



The Haselworth School Values