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Friday 22nd January

English lesson 11 22.1.21


For the conclusion we will be exploring how we can make changes to the world to make it more accessible for people with disabilities. Explore the article and youtube video in order to help you make a statement that will be the conclusion for our speeches. If you need more support please feel free to do some more research.

English lesson 11 article to read

Inclusion of people with disabilities

Explore this video
ACT Alliance supports people with disabilities around the world. It's good for everyone. We are sharing this excellent video for World Disability Day.

Maths meeting questions

Maths questions, adding and subtracting

Maths challenge

Shang Dynasty PE Lesson 2

Still image for this video
Last week we practised the 5 basic shapes and the individual balances. I was really pleased with the videos, photos and DONE ITs I saw online. This week we are going to start with a fitness video. This is a shortish workout (each activity in this workout should last for around 30 seconds), and can be done regularly to keep yourself active. I use it as a warm up before I go running!

But the different fitness moves can be combined with the shapes and balances to start to build our Shang Dynasty sequence. See if you can think which balances and fitness exercises will go well together, with a smooth transition. For example, try pike into a side plank? At this stage, just experiment with putting them together.