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Tuesday 2nd March

2.3 Maths -1 or -10 from a given number Today we look at the same types of problem but use the inverse operation so instead of adding we are taking away.

2.3 English

The end goal this week is to write instructions (commands) i.e a familiar text type for the children now so that they can use all the new learning we have practiced. The will need to use imperative verbs (bossy words) and the extra bossy bits such as 'must' 'need' 'will' The will need to include adjectives, plurals and of course adverbs. Today however, is about actually creating something for Mr Grinling's lunch as it is tricky to write instructions about something when you haven't actually done it. In school, we're going to make sandwiches. We will then us the planning template to jot down the steps we took and the key adverbs we want to include

The Imperative Verbs Song

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