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Thursday 21st January

English - 21st January

Read through the slides and click on the links to listen to some of the stories written by Anthony Browne.

Then listen up to 1:13 on The Voices story (First Voice) and look up some of the words using an online dictionary (have an adult support you with this) or a paper dictionary if you have one.

Then discuss the questions about the chapter - 'First Voice'

 Link to a video explaining sides and vertices of 2D shapes.


 Link to a video song about lines of symmetry.

 Link to Pictograph game

Science: Materials lesson 2

Still image for this video
This week we explore properties of materials in more detail, building our vocabulary, and beginning to discuss why certain materials are used for objects.

I haven't put an answer sheet for the quiz, as this is probably as discussion, but you are welcome to send them in to us!

There is then an activity sheet.

PE: Hand-eye co-ordination 1


Developing hand-eye co-ordination is a lifelong skill. It makes it more enjoyable to play balls games, for example, but it's my view that it is also useful for everyday practical activities too. This is a simple tennis-uppy game, but you can think you many variations - change the size of the bat or ball, bring in balance (stand on a object - as long as it's safe - squat, stand on one leg, etc). You can also race against the clock. Have a go, or many, and let me know the variations you thought of!