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Friday 15th Jan

To Woodpeckers,

Well done you have nearly completed a full week of home learning! Fantastic! You have all really shown the Haselworth value of responsibility - responsibility for doing your learning.

It is been a very busy week, so today I have not set any wider curriculum lessons/tasks to complete in order for you to catch up on anything you have not completed yet.

Mrs Dennis, Mrs Millard, Mrs Seagar and myself have been busy looking and commenting on the posts you have uploaded to Seesaw during the week and have seen some amazing learning going on - well done to you and to your adults for all the support they have given you.

It has been great to some of you on our daily Zoom calls and you have participated well with our bingo games! Any ideas of games that you think would work well on a Zoom call then let me know.   


Have a great weekend and stay safe


Mrs Flanagan

 Link to maths meeting website

Englsih Writing 15th January

Friday Reading Activity - Video yourself reading some pages of your current reading book and upload to Seesaw or alternative send video to me via the admin email. Tell me the title of your book, the author, maybe read the blurb. If you haven't started reading the book yet - tell me what you think the story will be about and what might happen. If you have already started reading it, what are your favourite characters and what is your favourite bit so far. Record yourself reading a few pages (about 5-8 mins worth) and then post or send to me.


 A link to a YouTube video that explains how to record and upload a video of you reading.

Handwriting 15th January