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Thursday 11th February

11.2 Phonic Screening check

In class this afternoon we are finishing off our science as we didn't complete both parts of the activity and are also completing the first of the practice phonic screening checks for the Year 1 children. 

The children are used to reading alien words as you will know from the phonics sessions so the test is a mixture of 20 real and 20 alien words of increasing difficulty. To administer the test, the children are just asked to sound sound out and blend the words back together as they would in class. They are also allowed to draw on sound buttons to help but as adults, we are not allowed to support. The answer sheet lets you note any of the sounds or issues they may have, such as not remembering split digraphs or not being able to blend a 2 syllable word.
It is not a must that this is done as we will complete it when the children return but if you would like to, I have attached it below.