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We are a smaller than average Primary School near Gosport Town Centre.  We have a unique outlook over a creek and are very near the sea. 



We have some mixed aged classes.  

This year:


  • Sunshines - Year R
  • Penguins- Year 1
  • Wrens - Year 2
  • Puffins- Year 3/4
  • Owls - Year 4/5
  • Kingfishers - Year 6



Meet the Haselworth Team!

At the bottom of the page, click on the PDF to see our staffing overview.


                                                                 Mrs Jones                                                         Mrs Hosmer   

                                                   Headteacher, DSL & Governor                      Deputy Headteacher, SENDCO, Year 1 teacher & DSL



              Mrs Quinn                                 Mrs Faye                               Mrs Holland                                Mrs Hewitt


                                                                                                                                  Mr Lett                                       Mrs Pompa                                  Ms Flanagan



                Mrs Millard                                   Mrs Seager  

      Sports Co-ordinator                    PPA Teacher



          Mrs Daniels                                    Mrs Corner                              Mrs McDougall                          

            Year 6 LSA                                     KS2 LSA                                     Year 2 LSA



                Mrs Twyman                                  Mrs Holmes

   EYFS LSA / Lunchtime Supervisor                     Year 1 LSA



          Mrs Leask                                  Mrs Rix                                   Mrs Cox  

  School Business Manager            Administration Officer              Administration Officer





                  Mr Taylor                           Mrs Taylor     

                 Caretaker                               Cleaner                                                         


         Miss Foster                                Mrs Faulkes                   Mrs Woodhouse                    Mrs Dennis                                 Mrs Bower

 Senior Lunchtime Supervisor         Senior Breakfast Club              Breakfast Club               Lunchtime Assistant                     Lunchtime Assistant

 Breakfast Club & Ladybirds                    Supervisor                       





              Mrs Lakey                            

            Ladybirds Leader

      HC3S Kitchen Manager





               Dr C Roast                                   Mr P Bleckley                            Miss K Powell                                Mrs N Cameron                                                 Chair of Governors