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Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies



At Haselworth we follow the PATHS curriculum across the whole school. PATHS stands for Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies and is designed to help to develop self control, emotional awareness, self confidence and problem solving skills in children.

The programme is taught weekly as a circle time but in addition there will be a PATHS child of the day who will be a special helper in the class and who will receive compliments from the other children and adults in their class.

I encourage you to talk about PATHS lessons with your child at home. From time to time activities will be sent home for you to complete together.

PATHS Characters

As part of our PATHS work, we have been learning about how friends behave. Ask your child what they can tell you about this.
One of the main parts of our PAThS work is the problem solving technique 'Turtle'. This strategy helps us to stop, calm down and explain the problem to an adult who can help us to think of a solution. Look at the picture below to remind yourself of the three steps.