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Pupil Premium, Service Families and Sports Premium

How does Haselworth support working families?


Haselworth has the highest expectations of pupil achievement.  We will support parents to ensure their children do well.


We support working families by:

  • providing a free breakfast club that now starts at 7:45
  • subsidising trips and residentials
  • running a non-profit making bookshop
  • allocating funds fairly to ensure all children have equal access
  • holding meetings outside of the school day
  • ensuring that all activities are planned and shared well in advance
  • offering alternate Pupil Progress Update appointments to suit shift patterns
  • inviting working adults into the school as role models
  • running a variety of after school clubs to extend the school day
  • ensure there is good communication between home and school
  • keeping the website up to date so that information can be easily accessed

Service Family funding

We aim to support families with parents in the armed services, or those who have been active within the last 3 years.  We recognise the challenges for these pupils, and as part of our service family funding we ensure that service families are supported.  Funding is reviewed every year, and for 2017 we are used the budget to support the purchase of a buddy bench.  This was an idea contributed by the service families and will support new children in the school to have somewhere to go when they feel lonely.  We will also be accessing staff training on signposting for service families through the nff. We also use a small amount of our funding to support service children with enrichment activities such as musical instrument lessons or trips. We have also purchased SeeSaw to enable deployed parents to access their children's work and comment on it.


Mrs McD is our ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant).  She works alongside our service children, either in class or giving them 1:1 support.   We understand that it is hard for children who have a parent that is away so they will support service children emotionally.


We always have an open door policy, so if you are a service family and going through any difficulty, we willing to support.