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At Haselworth Primary School, we have followed the Inspire Maths curriculum since September 2016. It was chosen as it is a whole-school primary maths programme that provides everything we need to support an approach to teaching and learning mathematics which is greater in depth and meets the higher expectations of the 2014 National Curriculum.

Inspire Maths is a transformational, whole-school approach, to raising pupils’ achievement in maths. The programme of resources is built upon the internationally acclaimed approach to teaching mathematics in Singapore.


How does INSPIRE maths work in your child’s classroom?

Inspire Maths encourages extensive practice to develop fluency and mastery so that every child- across all abilities- can succeed at Maths. Inspire Maths builds firm foundations and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts through a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach. It uses a spiral progression to develop fluency, reasoning, and problem solving and conceptual understanding for mastery.

We have adapted the scheme to suit the needs of our school and have supplemented it with some high quality additional resources with a focus on problem solving and reasoning.

Year 1 Maths Learning Wall

Year 1 Maths Learning Wall 1

Sumdog Maths App

Sumdog is a great maths resource which we have been using since September this year. Players can choose from a variety of different games which help them to become stronger with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. Based on how well they placed, players are able to collect coins which allow them to purchase new items for their avatars’ ensemble. Games range from puzzles to tower climbing races, where both speed and efficiency is calculated into a final score.

Children are able to use Sumdog both at school and at home and love the competitive element and seeing who will be on the leader board each week!

There is also a parent/teacher section which allows for weekly progress reports, noting where improvements can be made.



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