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Thursday 21st January

Guided Reading chapter 3

Chapter 3 questions

Bonjour! I would like you to continue to practise your French foods and drinks. Well done to all of you that submitted your work for me to see so far, especially those that recorded yourselves having a go at pronouncing (saying) some of the French words. If you have forgotten how to say the French food and drink words you can always look back at last week's and listen again to remind yourselves.

PE: Hand-eye co-ordination 1

Developing hand-eye co-ordination is a lifelong skill. It makes it more enjoyable to play balls games, for example, but it's my view that it is also useful for everyday practical activities too. This is a simple tennis-uppy game, but you can think you many variations - change the size of the bat or ball, bring in balance (stand on a object - as long as it's safe - squat, stand on one leg, etc). You can also race against the clock. Have a go, or many, and let me know the variations you thought of!