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Monday 1st March

Guided reading (information text)

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This week we will be looking at information texts. These often use technical vocabulary, so a dictionary can be useful, but often the words or phrases are defined in the text itself. When you send a photo please make sure I can read it - then I can mark it for you.

Literacy: Explanation Lesson 1

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This week we will be writing an explanation text based on the video, The Shirt Machine. Today we are generating vocabulary that we can use later on in the week in our writing. When it comes to explanations, this is easiest done aloud, and it is easy to start to use adverbs (then carefully) and conjunctions (because, if, so).


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Have a go at the activities in the video (pause it as I give the answers on the next slide!). Remember when doing reasoning problems to write out the numbers being shown (ie if it says 10 lots of 213, jot down 2130), and explain your reasoning.

Computing Impact of Technology Lesson 2

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In lesson 2 we explore the difference between hardware and software, and how computers work.

PE Staying active and healthy week