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Monday 22nd February

Guided Reading

This is our final chapter on Charlotte's Web
I would like everyone to answer these questions in their home learning book/on paper.
Every sentence must start with a capital letter, end in a full stop and be a full sentence (use the questions to help form your answer)
See video link attached to help you answer in full sentences.

Guided Reading Charlotte's Web chapter 22 (final chapter)

Guided reading help


Use the adjective mat and the sound mat to fill out the grid. Verb: an action. Adverb: a word that describes the action.

Expanded Noun Phrases: Expanded noun phrases tell you more about the noun. For example, the dark, gloomy room.


Similes and metaphors: Simile, As quick as a flash Metaphor, He is a star!


Personification: Describing something that is not human in a human like way. For example, the wind howled. The wind cannot howl but describing it in that way makes it more exciting for the reader.

Wolves in the Wall reading

Watch from 15.36 to 17.49 this is when the wolves have their party

Maths meeting year 4: L.O: Can I investigate numbers up to 1000?

Maths Meeting year 5. L.O: Can I investigate numbers and their value?

Sheet to fill in for English with different descriptive language

Maths: L.O: Can I identify lines of symmetry of 2D shapes?

Maths: for year 5 only. L.O: Can I identify 3D Shapes from 2D representation?