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Storm Eunice (18th Feb) remote learning

Guided reading Mrs Holland's group

Recount writing Story - Samson's Titanic Journey by Lauren Graham

Here is the link to support children to write the next part of their recount.

Recount writing teaching slides

We have been practicing the spellings uploaded last Friday all week and this afternoon would have been our spelling test. It would be great if the children could complete the quiz today at the level they know they've been practicing. Scroll back through the journal to see them.

We have also been trialing a new way of teaching spellings linked to word patterns and this week have looked at the 'le' family. I have attached the words we have been working on all week so it would be brilliant for the children to try attempt 4. As this is new, we don't expect the children to get these all right, rather to improve on their own score.

We have been giving little clues, if it's a short vowel sound double the consonant and if it's long, don't worry!

Year 2 group maths. Bridging when subtracting and exploring whether commutative law works.