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Friday 26th February

26.2 Maths

As the children in school have done so well with their partitioning this week we are going to have a problem solving Friday, which we often do when we're all together. We have a few warm up slides for consolidation and then some problems to solve practically. You can use resources or if it helps your child, write it down but that isn't an expectation today, it's all about applying the knowledge they have gained this week to new contexts.

If your child is not at this stage yet, please don't worry, continue practicing splitting numbers into tens and ones to help them become more confident as a precursor to the next few weeks of addition and subtraction learning.

26.2 English Adverbs

The Adverb Song | Learn through music and rap with MC Grammar

Play this song and rap along to learn all about adverbs. The lyrics and rhymes will help you to learn more about how important this part of speech is, how a...

26.2 Phonics

We have had some Peacocks return to class this week form home learning so today’s session is a recap of all the ‘ay’ sounds learnt so far. The children in class haven’t had Ipad time as yet to play the sorting game so we will be doing that while I complete the assessment of real and alien words many of you at home have already completed.

26.2 Phonics all alternative spellings for 'ay' learnt so far