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Thursday 4th February

Guided Reading chapter 13

Guided Reading chapter 13 questions




Hot Seating!

Put your reporter hats on, you are now journalists who are trying to get the scoop from Lucy and her family. You will need to come up 5 questions to ask them.


Have a look at the questions you wrote down in lesson 3, what parts of the story do you already know? Which parts would you like to know more about? Could you ask Lucy some of the questions you wanted to ask the author?


Once you have written your 5 questions in your remote learning book hot seat Lucy. Lucy can be played by you or a family member. Answer the questions in the way that you think Lucy would answer them.


To record your work either record yourself answering the questions or write down Lucy's responses.


Challenge: interview another family member of Lucy's, would they have different answers to Lucy? For example would her brother answer differently to Lucy. Would her father have something else to say?

Year 4 Maths meeting

Year 5 maths meeting

Maths angles L4

History: lesson 4. Read slides then complete the pictures for the story board