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Keeping myself safe

At Haselworth Primary School, we understand that it is important for children to be able to keep themselves safe and to know what to do when they need to raise a concern.


Safeguarding Assemblies:

12th September 2023 - Online Safety

19th September 2023- Clever Never Goes

16th October 2023- Road Safety

8th January 2024 - Wellbeing

6th February 2024- How am I feeling? (Regulating emotions)

15th April 2024 - Water Safety

Safeguarding Events and Visitors

Year 6 Bikeability - 18th September 2023

Year 1, Year 2 and Year 6 Fire Safety Talk - 2nd October 2023

Antibullying and Safeguarding Week - 13th November 2023


Cyberbullying, Online Reputation and Useful Websites

Nowadays, many children have their own phone, which enables them to continue to communicate with their friends outside of school. However, it is important to remember that this means children cannot escape any disagreements or fall outs that they have with their friends. When these situations continue for a prolonged period of time or happen repeatedly, they can lead to cyberbullying. It is important to remember and discuss with your child that 10 is the age of criminal responsibility. This means that they could be convicted of a criminal offence if they are 10 or over and cyberbully.


As your child’s online presence increases, it is important for you to discuss with them their ‘online reputation’. Schools and employers are increasingly using the internet to research potential candidates so it is essential for children to realise that what they post now can affect their future.

Age Restrictions for Social Media Platforms

SMART - Keeping safe online

Remote learning for children