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Solar Eclipse

We are hoping to be able to experience the solar eclipse in the morning.  It should happen between 9.25am and 9.30am (9.28am to be precise!).

Following all health and safety guidance, we aim to watch it as a reflection in pools of water.  If you have a paddling pool we can borrow please bring it in nice and early so we can add the water in time! 
Children will be given strict instructions not to look directly at the sky.

It's too good an opportunity to miss, and it will be used as learning point  - Mrs Wilson and the staff are really keen every child should experience the event.  IT doesn't happen very often.  We just hope it's not cloudy!
In the event of poor visibility, we will watch it online (but it won't be the same!). 

If your child has specific religious obligations regarding the event, please let us know.