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Shakespeare comes to life

The Young Shakespeare Company visited Haselworth today to perform Macbeth to KS2 and it was amazing!  The brilliant actors immersed the children into a story where Macbeth weaves a web of lies and deceit in order to become king.  The children were hooked from the start and all the way through - thank you so much, you really brought Shakespeare to life!


It was really exciting!  Saskia

I liked the fact that we all got to interact and we got to say the of the spells and words in parts!  Macie

I thought it was amazing! It was exciting when Macduff marched from England to Scotland to kill Macbeth.  Borys

It was probably the best play I have ever seen!  Cameron

It actually made me feel the emotions.  I give it 5 out of 5 stars!  Lewis

The actors were so kind, they tried to let people always have a go.  The emotions I felt were sad, upset and excited!  Finley