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Osmington Day 3

Wednesday was full of fun and excitement. After a hearty breakfast we headed towards the giant swing, children challenged themselves and many of them were able to brave being pulled up to the highest level before releasing the pull cord. There was lots of screaming from certain children, but others just went totally silent! We all survived fencing, with some children showcasing excellent swordsmanship. In the afternoon we left the comfortable surroundings of Osmington and went to the Olympic Sailing School on Portland. (The children may have been tricked into believing they had actually been to France!) Raft building skills were taught and the children were soon afloat on some very seaworthy vessels. Robot wars is this evenings activity, which the children are looking forward to. After that it will  be showers for all, followed by hot chocolate and bed. Last night everyone was asleep by 10:30pm. Can't believe it's Thursday tomorrow. Time flies when you're having fun😀