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Haselworth Conker Championship 2016

For the last fortnight Haselworth children have been spending their play times playing conkers. Over 60 children took part, and after some tense games, and a few bruised knuckles Drew, Mason, Cai and Jessica made it through to the semi-finals. Cai and Jessica triumphed and the final was watched by the whole school on Friday morning. Cai seemed to be in the lead, until a few small cracks started to appear on his conker. Jessica played this to her advantage and started to attack with  even harder blows. Cai was eventually defeated, and in true  "Haselworth Way" style he immediately congratulated Jessica and shook her hand. It was a thrilling climax to an excellent competition enjoyed by many children. Certificates were awarded in assembly and Jessica was crowned as the reigning champion with a necklace of golden conkers!