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Young Governors

At Haselworth Primary School, we aim to involve pupils as much as possible in the decision making process. This can be through class discussions, surveys, assemblies and informal discussions.  We sometimes also have competitions and consultations about changes at the school.  


The Young Governors meet with Mrs Hosmer to discuss how to continue to improve our school.



Action plan 2018-2019





Follow-up action

Autumn 1

First meeting

Roles of the governing body, committees. Expectations of the role.



Children clear on the expectations of the role and for them to know the purpose of the young governors.



Introduction for website

Meet the governing body

(at next committee meeting).


Autumn 2

Second meeting

Safeguarding – How safe do you feel in school?


Anti-bullying – Do you know who to talk to?

To give children a greater understanding of the issues in school. To inform us that children are aware of the policies and procedures within school.

Discussion and activity – design a poster

Taken back to classes and shared across the school


Spring 1

Third meeting

Health and Safety – How safe is our school?



To check the health and safety in our school. Can we spot any dangers?

Walk round the school (hard hats, high vis jackets and clipboards). Notes to be made during walk round.

Notes to be made during walk round – fed back to H&S working party.



Spring 2

Fourth meeting

Resources – Discuss school budget, raising a small sum of money for school and what might they spend it on?

To give the children an insight to how governors monitor school budget and make spending decisions.

Group discussion, budget activity with School Business Manager

Raise and spend the money.


Summer 1

Fifth meeting

E-Safety – How do they keep themselves safe online?

To check children’s understanding of being safe on-line.



Children to carry out questionnaires/discussions in class.

Implement any points of action.


Summer 2





Sixth meeting

Impact – What have we achieved as young governors?

To report back what we have been doing to stakeholders.

Newsletter and website


Summer holidays

Throughout the year

Lead learners – To promote the learning values.

To emphasise the importance of the values for the children as well as the adults.

Learning walks and reporting in assembly