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Home School Agreement

Our Home School Agreement sets out the expectations of the school, parents and children at Haselworth Primary School.


The School will do its best to:

  •  Set high expectations to drive the aspirations of all children through a broad and balanced curriculum
  •  Ensure the school is a safe, well-disciplined, caring environment
  •  Inform parents about the progress, attainment and effort of their child
  •  Communicate clear advice and guidance on curriculum matters and school related policies
  •  Inform parents of matters relating to their child’s wellbeing as/when appropriate
  •  Offer opportunities for parents/carers and children to    become involved in the life of the school
  •  Set appropriate home learning task according to need and age
  •  Be welcoming and open to feedback
  • Take account of parents’ and carers’ views and involve them in decision making about whole school matters


The parent/carer will do their best to:

  • Ensure that their child goes to school every day, on time, In correct school uniform and fully equipped. PE kit is also included in this
  • Notify the school promptly of reasons for    absence on each day the child is not in school
  • Inform school of matters that might affect  their child’s work, behaviour or wellbeing as/when appropriate
  • Support the school’s policies and guidelines
  • Support their child in activities and other home learning opportunities
  • Make sure their child has their reading book and reading journal in school every day and listen to their child read regularly
  • Attend parent’s meetings and discussions about their child’s progress
  • Support school events


The pupil will do his/her best to:

  • Have high aspirations and expectations of themselves
  • Come to school prepared and on time every day unless poorly
  • Follow the school rules and role model the Haselworth values
  • Complete all work to the best of their ability
  • Read to an adult regularly and remember to bring their reading book and reading log to school every day
  • Return any library books they borrow on time and in good condition


Our Vision:

Dream, Believe, Succeed



· For all members of the school community to be the best they can be

· To behave with consideration for others

· To be safe and make others feel safe

· To be resilient and reflective learners

· To continue learning throughout life

· To embrace and enjoy challenge

· To rise from every fall

· To have high aspirations for everybody including themselves

· To ensure co-operation between school, home and the local community

· To enable every child to be successful and have life choices