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Target Board

Thanks to donations for the Easter Obstacle course we raised £150!

The young governors have chosen to buy this playground game with the money.



Sunshines Stage

Sunshines have been lucky to have a new stage in their outdoor area.

Story Circle

We raised enough money from our Christmas Fayre to be able to buy a Story Chair, this has now been incorporated into a story circle area developed by staff and their families. 




Bug Hotel


As part of developing the outdoor area, we have now opened the Bug Hotel!


New Key Stage 1 Play Area


Key Stage one were very excited to find the new play area had been built over the half term.  This area has a climbing wall and astro turf.  There's lots of space to run around (or sunbathe!)


We are now able to use some of our kind donations to buy other equipment to go into this area.  A huge thank you has to go to Tesco and Groundworks for their £2000 donation towards this project.


Friendship Hut


We were very proud to open our new Friendship Hut today.  This has been very kindly donated by the Service Families through the funding they receive.  They decided that they would like to create a space where children could go when they are new to the school.  Children from service families often move from school to school and so they understand how difficult it is to sometimes meet new friends.  The children love it and we know it will be used by everybody.  Watch out for Mrs Steele in there with a cup of tea when she needs some peaceful time!




DIY day! 18.03.17


A huge thank you to the staff and partners who came and helped with refreshing our school. We cleaned, cleared, painted and dug. The friendship hut is place thanks to our service families, and we're confident that we'll win a bid with bags of help at Tesco. Please vote for us. 


We couldn't have done today without the support of Team Haselworth! 



Landscape Meeting 13.03.17


The working party met again to discuss action taken, share information, discuss progress and agree further actions.


Pond area - Mrs Steele met with HCC Landscape to further discuss the play areas. Works discussed include resurfacing and flooring, a corner shed and a climbing wall. Work is likely to take place in May half-term. After this money can be raised for additional equipment i.e. sand pits, water tables.

Nature space – Mrs Steele met with a local landscape gardener. He is reviewing the plans put together by Miss Collins and the children. He will then look to source the required materials for the pathways and bug hotel.

Main wall entrance – Mrs Ashman has looked at noticeboards for displaying children's work. The signs can be changed to the school's own colours, name and logo at no extra cost. The wall needs to be made good and painted before the boards are fixed in place. Work to do this is planned for next week. 

Bike shelter – Mrs Williams shared several different websites and styles. The shelters are extremely costly, however other options may be available..

Carpenters - Mr Roast has asked a local carpenter to visit the school and give estimates for various works, including seating for the amphitheatre, and perhaps a more cost effective solution for a bike shelter.


These pictures show some of the ideas and equipment that the team are looking at.

Ideas for outdoor area equipment

Ideas for outdoor area equipment 1
Ideas for outdoor area equipment 2
Ideas for outdoor area equipment 3
Ideas for outdoor area equipment 4

Landscape Design Working Party meeting 30.01.2017


The working party met again to share information, discuss progress and agree further actions.


Pond area - Mrs Steele met with HCC Landscape to discuss play areas.  The team will look at designs with the children – play equipment they may like etc. They manage the project. When complete they carry out onsite safety inspection and checks of all works and equipment.

Buddy bench – ordered outdoor hideaway hut with benches from the Service Family funding. Dedication and “opening” once delivered and assembled.

Nature space – Miss Collins ready to do hard landscaping to create paving and pathways. Year 6 project to make a bug hotel as their leaving present to the school. 

Bike shelter – Mrs Williams is looking at shelters or canopies for bikes.

Art space – Mrs Ashman has looked at the wall leading up to the playground entrance. Several ideas on how this will look were shared and discussed. Additionally, a noticeboard would be beneficial on this wall next to the gates, where parents queue up to pick up the children.

Carpenters and Landscape gardeners – Mr Roast has been researching local landscapers and carpenters who may be able to support this project.


Landscape Design Working Party meeting 14th December 2016


Mrs E Steele - Headteacher, Mrs K Ashman - Deputy Headteacher, Miss C Collins - Wrens Class Teacher, Mrs A Williams - Chair of Governors, Mr C Roast - Chair of Resources and Premises, Mr P Bleckly - Health and Safety link governor.


The landscape working party met to discuss an initial action plan for the outdoor area and agree some actions that needed addressing first. 

  • Grounds surfacing in particular areas
  • Buddy Bench from Service Families
  • Improvements to Nature area
  • Cycle racks/shelters
  • Landscaping advice from Hampshire County Council
  • Art wall


The money raised from school events is being used to fund this project and is being tracked carefully by the Headteacher and Governors.


Progress already made:

  • Pond removed
  • Buggy park removed
  • Nature area initial planting



Landcape meeting 25th May

Landscape strategy meeting workshop two - 18th May 2016



People and place FUTURE

Activity one - Key spaces for the future

What do you need, and what would you like in your grounds? These ideas will have developed from Workshop one, but will be further explored by using a selection of images.


Activity two - Zoning

"What space would you put where?, ...........and, if money was no object!"


Activity three - The Emerging Strategy Plan

Developing a consensus of opinion on the final layout and ideas and requirements on long term aims for each space.

Landscape strategy workshop one 26th April 2016

Landscape strategy meeting workshop one - 26th April 2016



Activity one - Developing a Shared Vision

"We would like our grounds to be a place where......"

An activity where everyone is asked to complete the above sentence and put their anonymous responses onto post it notes, which are collected and displayed.


People and place NOW

Activity two - "Rate the Space"

An exercise using photos of your existing spaces to evaluate their quality and use. An opportunity to discuss their advantages and challenges.


Activity three - Exploring Key Themes

All of the groups have the opportunity to work on plans of the grounds to discuss how these themes currently work within your grounds. What are the aspects that are working well, and what are the blocks and barriers to how the grounds might be used better or more often to how they currently are.

  • ​"Arrival and Welcome", ..... circulation around the site.
  • Early Years
  • Socialising, Play, Break and lunchtimes
  • Locality, wider context, community
  • Outside Teaching and Learning, and the Natural Environment