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Parent Voice

Bacon Rolls and Coffee Morning with Ollie the school nurse.


Thank you to all those parents who supported our half termly drop in session with Ollie our school nurse.


Quotes from parents included:


"Great event and put our mind at rest!"


"Great idea to have the nurse visit, as it meant I could ask things that I wouldn't want to bother the doctor with."


"Potty training tips and I didn't feel like I had to rush."


"It was great fun!  It's nice to see what the children are doing in class.  My child loves doing [maths] this way!"



"Excellent session.  It is good to see how our children are being taught compared to how we used to.  It was nice to be able to sit with our children and work with them."


"This was very helpful and made it very easy to understand and also enjoyable for everyone."


"Thank you for showing us and our kids this easy way to practise and learn maths - it's very helpful."


"Today's instruction was very useful in assisting parents with homework and it gave a valuable insight in how maths is taught."


"Loved the maths session.  Learning how to use the numicon is slightly confusing as an adult but the boys can keep showing me."

 “Really enjoyed today, the singing was really good, and all the work the children had done was brilliant. I think the school should definitely do more things like this.”


 Beautiful singing, lots of information, scrummy food, excellent presentations, but where was the sangria?”

“A very good presentation, but make it longer next time please.”


“Really nice to see children trying something different. Very enjoyable!”


“Really good, clear understanding of the subject of bull fighting by the group of boys.”


“The class did really well, even though I couldn’t understand what they were singing! It’s good that they are learning about lots of different things.”


“Wonderful displays and presentation. The food was delicious and our family have begun to enjoy paella as a family meal-we’ve even bought a paella pan! Thank you very much”